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Eleven Facts Everyone Should Know About Dentures

    Whether you’re seeking information about dentures for a loved one or for yourself, it’s important that you know the facts. The following information offers the basic facts about dentures.



1: Dentures don’t last forever.


2: Even if your dentures fit perfectly, you should still see a dental professional regularly.


3: No one has to know you’re wearing dentures.


4: Denture wearers can eat more normally.


5: Denture wearers can speak more clearly.


6: Adhesives can play a role in your denture's fit and comfort.


7: Over-the-counter and prescription medications can affect dentures.


8: Don’t assume regular denture care is too costly.


9: Never try to make your own denture repairs.  


10: With planning, denture corrections can often be made in one day.  


11: Don’t avoid replacing your denture just because you don’t want to go through another long adjustment period.